Things to Say to Your Ex-Girlfriend to Get Her Back

So, you’re broken up and you are looking for things to say to your ex-girlfriend to get her back? It is common, after a fight, to search for ways and clues to bringing your loved one back to you however, it is a fact that there are no magic words to bring her back to you.   You will find that for there to be any chance of success, it will be your actions as much as your words that will win her over.

There are a few things to say that may assist the process:-

I’ m sorry:

This may be the first thing you would want to say to your ex to get her back – a sincere apology for what has happened.  But… you have to really mean this for it to sound true and find its mark.   If you want to apologize for whatever had happened, say it from your heart.   If you are not sincere, this can be felt immediately and it will set you back a long way from reconciliation.

I was wrong:

For most people, we spend a lot of our time trying to feel right, and prove ourselves right.  This can be due to low confidence and a fragile ego.  However, how sweet it would be when you say “I was wrong.”So, this is the right time to admit errors responsibly and as a “Man”. Saying “sorry “and “I’m wrong” doesn’t mean that you are weak – it actually shows a huge amount of strength, self assuredness and confidence – all those things a woman looks for in a man.

How are you doing?

This shows that you care about your girlfriend and her day to day life.  It sounds so simple and normal but trust me it really touches the heart of a girl.  This will make her feel that you still care for her and are curious to know whether if all’s well in her life.

I feel sorry for what I have done, but I have no regrets being with you:

This simple phrase carries two important things that you need to say to your ex to get her back. Firstly, it shows you feel genuine regret for what hurt her and secondly, it indirectly tells her that you want to make it right and want to be with her again.

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