What Women Find Attractive in a Man

Yes, there is no doubt that men try their best to impress and attract beautiful and nice women around them. But, still many guys have to face humiliation and embarrassment because they misunderstand what women find attractive in a man. If a man finds out what women really attracts a woman, then half the job of impressing a woman is done for them.

Here are lists of the most important qualities which women find irresistible and attractive in men. If you have the following qualities in your life, there is no reason why women will reject you.

Good Personality:

A good looking guy with a nice and pleasant personality is always liked by women. Many women prefer sober, organized and stylish men over non-serious and ill-organized ones. The initial attraction of most women depends upon the physical appearance of guys.  Smart clothes (whatever your budget) and being extremely clean and tidy are extremely important.   This shows that you care about yourself, and she feels that if you care about yourself, then you will also be able to care about her.

Character is the key:

Women may get attracted by your physical appearance initially, but when it comes to a strong and lasting relationship a sound character is what women want. An honest, sincere and trustworthy man is what women want in their life.

Strong and muscular:

Many women get attracted towards brawny and strongly built men.   From prehistoric times, this made a woman feel protected and secure.  If you need to work on it, get to the gym or start that bench-press regime.  Also, learn deportment.  Stand tall and confident and look people in the eye – you’d be amazed at the difference this makes.

Good sense of humor:

Almost more than anything, women want someone that can make them smile and laugh but not in a ridiculous or excessive way.  Being happy and confident will win the girl.   Men with an enjoyable and pleasing sense of humor are always admired and desired by women.

Women love hardworking men:

Women simply can’t resist a successful and ‘work-orientated’ man.   A secure job and the potential and drive to move up ‘the ladder’ is something that guarantees success and a secure life.  Is there any woman who doesn’t want to be with a successful man?

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