Four Little Naughty Things Guys Notice About Women

Do you ever wonder why women are attracted to men, and men are attracted to women? What gets a man’s attention?  What makes him interested in one woman instead of another?. This article will tell you four little naughty things men notice about women, especially on their first dates.

What she orders for dinner:

Often women think that guys don’t pay attention to what they say but, surprisingly, guys do notice what their dates order for dinner.  Some women will only order a salad, thinking this impress their date and make them seem thin and low-maintenance.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  Men just want their date to order something they enjoy. Guys don’t want a woman who is pretending.  So, women, order what you want, just don’t go overboard.

Your first date outfit:

Guys don’t expect you to wear a new dress or frantically go shopping for just the right outfit when you are going out for a date. But, just as girls notice how a guy is dressed, guys will notice how you look also.. So, your outfit doesn’t have to be new or designer, but make a point to dress to impress.

He notices how you smell:

Guys love when their date smells wonderful.  A good perfume can keep him leaning in all night long, just to be closer to you.  Find a perfume that fits you and your personality but don’t overuse it.  Just a whiff will keep your date smiling and thinking of you.

Your cleavage:

Yes, it’s true; men are fascinated with women’s cleavage. But, this doesn’t mean you have to unbutton your shirt. Be sensible enough but add some sex appeal to your outfit to attract your date. Showing a little skin and cleavage without being vulgar is powerfully alluring for guys.

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