How to Break Up With Someone Over the Phone

Breaking up with someone you once loved may be a part of any relationship but it’s not an easy thing to do. The best way to break up is to talk to your partner face to face. But, there can be times when you need to end the relationship over the phone also. Though it sounds rude and tactless to end a relationship over the phone, some people say it is one of the easiest ways to break up. Here are a few useful tips on how to break up with someone over the phone.

Consider why you need to break up over the phone:

Breaking up over the phone is considered as cowardly and insensitive. So, it’s better to choose phone breakups only when you don’t have any other options. For instance, a phone break up may be your best option in a long distance relationship or when there is a chance of violence.

Organize your thoughts:

Prepare ahead of time what you will say. If you need to, write down the points or prepare notes on what you have to say. This way you are clear in how you handle the break up and you won’t forget anything that you needed to say.

Choose the right time:

Don’t call when you know that your partner won’t be able to talk, like if they are on the way to work.  Make sure that both of you have enough time to talk. But, this doesn’t mean that you have to talk for a long time. Say what you have to say and cut it off as soon as possible.  Don’t drag out the break up.  This can only result in more hurt feelings.

Accept your partner’s reaction:

You should mentally prepare for any consequences of ending a relationship. Different people will react in different ways. Some may become angry and abusive.  Others may break down and cry. So, you should be ready to face all these consequences and be ready to handle them smoothly.

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