How to Dump a Married Man

Dumping someone is hard, but, if you have fallen in love with a married man and need to dump him, it is even more complicated.  Moreover, an adulterous relationship can screw up your life in so many ways. It takes a lot of effort to control your feelings in this situation. You have to develop the common sense and the courage to dump the married man and get your life back on the right track.

Leave him no doubt:

Explain to him why you need to end the relationship. Make it clear that you don’t need any further intimate communication or meetings. Be very clear about your decision. Don’t give him any mixed signals and ensure that you don’t show any signs of uncertainty.

Say it with tact:

Try to maintain a calm and respectful tone as you break up. Always keep judgments about morality and his family to a minimum. Remember that he is not alone in it.  Both of you have taken part in this affair.

Use his situation as leverage:

It’s always better to be discreet and end the relationship just between the two of you. However, if he is not ready to accept or respect your decision, you can always hint that you will tell his family and wife to seal the deal.

Use guilt:

One effective way to dump a married man is by making him feel guilty about the relationship. Explain to him how this affair is ruining his family and your family as well. Bring the social and moral aspects into the picture. But, make sure that you don’t accuse or insult him. Take your part of the blame also.  Tell him that his wife and kids deserve a better life and not this betrayal.

Stand by your decision:

Indecisiveness will be considered as a weakness, so make sure that you take a firm stand on your decision. Think positive and move on with your life. Take out the negative thoughts that “you cannot live without him”. Remind yourself that you have a much better life without him and that you are doing the right thing for everyone.

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