How to End a Relationship with a Pisces

Ending a relationship with a Pisces lover can be quite challenging and difficult, because Pisces are overly sensitive and emotional by nature. Pisces are so emotional and sensitive that you might feel guilty when you break up with them. So, treat your Pisces lover with caring when you end the relationship. To make it easier, you may like to consider the following few tips when breaking up with your Pisces lover.

Be transparent and honest:

Although Pisces are overly sensitive and emotional, they will appreciate you for being honest and truthful. They may cry and curse you right after you break up, but in the long run, they will respect you for your honesty.

Butter him/her up:

Don’t forget to tell your Pisces partner how amazing and good they are as a person. Pisces have a fragile ego, so use some flattery and butter them up with kindness and gentleness while breaking up.

Be cold:

If being gentle and caring doesn’t work, one effective way to break up with your Pisces lover is to act cold and distant. Pisces only appreciate caring and nice people. So, if your Pisces lover sees you as rude and uncaring, they may be ready to end your relationship for good.  This may be the most painful thing you can do for your Pisces lover but sometimes you have to do difficult things to end a relationship that isn’t working.

Show your angry side:

Pisces people just hate dramatic acts of anger. So, if you want your Pisces lover to walk away from you, show your anger with some dramatic flair.

Show no love to animals:

Pisces love animals and usually have many pets. A Pisces can’t get along with someone who just can’t stand their cat or dog. Tell your Pisces lover, you hate animals and your relationship is over.

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