Three Little Details Guys Notice about Women

Girls, if you are thinking that guys only look at your curves, then you are absolutely wrong. Just like women look at so many details when they meet a guy, guys also notice every little detail about women. Here are three little things which guys notice, but they don’t point out to women often.


Yes, guys do notice women’s hands pretty often. Guys believe that beautiful hands show how daintiness and how well a woman takes care of herself. Surprisingly, men notice the complexion and manicures of women’s hands. Guys love to hold girls hands so most guys look at girls’ hands and imagine how it would feel to hold them. So, it’s really important that women keep pay special attention to keeping their hands soft and well-manicured.


Every since ancient times, even in fairy tales, long, gorgeous hair has always been associated with beautiful women. Guys just love to see a woman with beautiful, long hair. Exquisite hair can evoke strong emotions and feelings in guys.  This is probably the greatest weakness guys have when it comes to women.  So girls, make sure that you keep your hair beautiful, and you will find yourself extra attractive to the guys out there.

Attitude toward Others:

When a guy goes out for a dinner with a woman, he learns a lot about her attitude towards others. He definitely notices how you treat a hostess or waiter. Whether you are respectful and polite, and whether you say “thanks” to the hostess or waiter when they serve you tells him a lot about you as a person. Guys believe that women who don’t treat people with respect and kindness in daily situations won’t be kind and respectful in relationships. If a woman is rude to others, a guy won’t want to take a chance that she will treat him like that too.

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