Four Surprising Secrets Men Keep

Many men think that little white lies can actually make things easier and they can avoid nagging from their girlfriends. This is a huge motivating factor for guys to say one thing but mean something totally different.  Here are the top four secrets which guys never admit to their women.

We definitely notice your outfit

Be sure that you dress according to the place, situation and time.  Wearing high heels to a date where you have to trek four miles and then complaining about how your feet hurt is a huge turn off. And wearing a cocktail dress and pearls to a football tail gate is not exactly going to win over the guy or his friends.  Think about the setting and activity before you head out.

We hate the word “commitment”

Most guys love having a girlfriend; they want to be loved and need someone to love in return. But, they don’t actually want to commit too soon. Commitment is a pretty heavy decision for men to make and they want to come to that decision on their own terms without their girlfriend constantly bringing it up.  It is okay to bring this topic up once you have been dating for some time, but take it slow and let the guy take the lead on this.

We hate when you are too drunk on a date

People tend to show their true colors when they are drunk. Yes, you can drink one or two glasses of wine on your date, but over-drinking and acting crazy can spoil evening, not to mention your relationship.

We feel insecure and jealous

As much as you are jealous when your boyfriend is with other girls, guys feel very insecure when you are with other guys.  This is especially true when the relationship is new and they are still building trust and confidence in the relationship itself.  Try to keep this in mind when you are out to be sensitive to what your guy might be feeling.

Guys enjoy showing off their girlfriends to their friends, but they don’t want their girlfriends to become too close to their friends. Guys still want the main focus of their girlfriend’s attention to be on them, no matter what.

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