How To Enjoy Dating While being Abstinent

Abstinence dating can be very challenging for someone who wants to wait for sex until they get married. Dating without sex may sound dull and unrealistic for many people in this day and age. However, abstinence dating can result in a more long lasting relationship and bring more excitement in your relationship once you get married. To enjoy intimacy with someone you date whole remaining abstinent, check out the following few tips.

Be honest about your decision

Tell the person you are dating about your beliefs and make it clear to them that you don’t want to have sex before marriage. This is important as it will help you find out whether he/she is the right person for you. If they are not ready to accept your beliefs and be supportive, it will be better to just be friends instead of getting into a romantic relationship in the long run.

Choose a date who shares the same convictions

It will be easier for you to retain abstinence in your relationship if you choose someone who also wants to abstain from sex while dating. You could join an online forum or a group or church where you could find people who share the same convictions.

Plan your dates well

Dating in a group setting allows for the relief of pressures of the flesh while dating so is definitely advisable.  Go for dates in public or crowded places like a museum, a carnival, malls, park or at a skating rink. Avoid going to places where both of you will be alone such as having dinner alone at your home.

Find some hobbies

Find an activity or hobby that you both enjoy such as skating or oil painting.  By finding a commonality in your activities other than sex, you will be enriching your relationship while keeping your mind off of physical relations.

Read books together

Start a book club with either just the two of you or other friends.  This will help to engage the mind and help you to explore your feelings a thoughts through the power of the pen as opposed to physical contact.

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