Signs You Have Found Your Soul Mate

Everyone believes that someday they’ll find their soul mate.  Many people will come in and out of your life and you will fall in and out of love at times.  But when can you say that “Yes, I have met my soul mate?”  Here are some indications that you have met your soul mate.

  • There is an instantaneous, strong conviction that you have known him/her before.
  • You felt a deep and immediate connection to one another.
  • There is an electrifying attraction and feeling between you two, which cannot be described by words.
  • You feel so complete about your life after you have met him/her.
  • The two of you feel inseparable.
  • The connection is immediate, as if your souls have been together for many lifetimes.
  • When both of your eyes meet each other, space and time seem to have no meaning.
  • Your relationship is an open relationship. There are no barriers between you two and communication flows freely.
  • There is no lack of words or topics, when you are conversing with your partner, and the truth goes for your partner as well. Your feel as if your conversations can go on forever.
  • You don’t expect anything from your partner in return, no matter how much you give out to your partner.
  • The two of you have unconditional love and total forgiveness for each other.
  • There may be no restrictions within your relationship. Your relationship is all about love and respect without the need for control or ownership.
  • Acceptance, patience and trust of each other’s weaknesses will automatically happen.
  • There is a great and deep sense of meaning and purpose to your relationship.

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