Four Important Values in Marriage

Marriage is called the most sacred institution and is a pillar of a strong relationship.  But sadly, today many people no longer believe that marriage as the sacred institution. People don’t consider the important values in a relationship and don’t seem to take the institution of marriage seriously. If you believe in marriage and are looking for a strong and lasting relationship, there are certain values you should consider.


Honesty is the most essential value in a relationship. Honesty is the base on which other important values in marriage stand.  It doesn’t mean acknowledging your mistake simply to your partner. It also means accepting your mistakes and being honest with yourself as well.


It is of vital importance that both parties in the marriage feel equal, be it in decision making or otherwise.  Often, wives think that their husbands’ job is to provide bread or meal for their family. And, husbands often think that taking care of domestic work like cooking and taking care of children are not their responsibility, those are their wives’ responsibility.

But, this kind of thinking will never take you to a strong, lasting relationship. Sharing every work and responsibility equally between the two of you is important for a strong relationship.


Commitment is essential for a happy married life. Only when you are totally committed to your partner, then only you can get married.  There is no point in getting married if you are not fully committed to your spouse.


You will never notice your partner’s good qualities if you don’t have respect for your spouse. Respect is crucial for a healthy relationship. If you don’t know how to give respect to others, you may never gain respect from others as well. Only when you respect to your spouse, you can appreciate your spouse’s good qualities and appreciate your partner.

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