Dating Tips for Short Men

The world of dating is a cut throat world, one with high stakes of love, lust and companionship.  If you don’t fit into society’s rules, you will be kicked out of a relationship faster than you can bat an eye and be staring into the world of dating once again.

Guys with a short stature sometimes feel that they don’t have much chance to date a beautiful woman in today’s world with so much competition.  But though some women are very concerned about the height of a guy, there are many women who don’t care about height one way or the other.   So, here are a few dating tips for short guys.

Self-confidence is what really counts

A good level of self-confidence overrides all your other shortcomings. Accept the fact that you are short and you can’t do much about it, so why worry about something which you can’t change?

Dress to Impress

Don’t forget that your dress and fashion sense can make you appear taller than your actual height. So, learn to dress up or pick up clothes which can give you the illusion of taller height. Try to improve your sense of style and choose your clothes to accentuate your looks and personality.

Maintain Eye Contact

Always make eye contact when your talk to women.  Eye contact conveys self-confidence and power which is attractive to women of all walks of life.

Communication is Key

Polish your communication skills and body language.  Proper eye contact and attention during a conversation lets women know you are interested in them and care about what they are saying.

Sense of Humor

Never forget that women can’t resist a guy with a good sense of humor. Women want to be with someone who can see humor in a bad situation and who can make them smile.

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