Sagittarius Woman and Capricorn Man in Love

The Capricorn man outlook centers on the financial, steady, social upward climb in life and plodding, whereas the Sagittarius women centers on an ongoing physical, mental or spiritual journey.

The relationship between Sagittarius woman and Capricorn man may not last for long because there are too many differences in their nature.

He feels insecure with her independent spirit and she feels cloistered with his possessive attitude. He wants his partner only for himself and she wants to show herself to the whole world. She likes adventures and attending parties, which he despises.

Their relationship combines Sagittarian burning enthusiasm and Capricorn determination which are two forms of restlessness. They travel at different speeds through their life, so unless they compensate in a right way this combination will crash and burn.

Sagittarius Women

They are restless, impulsive, freedom loving creatures who generally excel in sporting activities. They love travelling and outdoor activities.

They are interested in sciences, religion and philosophy and they often become excellent teachers.

The Sagittarius lover is adventurous in love making, being boldly passionate and loves to explore. However, a monogamous relationship may bore them quickly.

The thighs and hips are the sensitive areas of Sagittarius, so with gentle attention massage of the sensitive areas will drive her crazy.

Capricorn Men

The Capricorn man is full of responsibilities and practicalities. He is likely to succeed in accumulating both power and wealth but they are conservative lovers.

He may bore the Sagittarius woman with his serious attitude. Capricorns love their home and like to spend the majority of time with family.

However, this mismatch of personalities may make their relationship more precious as the time progresses, as they learn so much from each other.

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