How to Handle Age Difference in Relationships

Celebrity couples like Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore or Madonna and Luz Jesus always come to mind when there is talk of gaping relationship age gaps. Despite their successful relationships, many people wonder, “Does age difference really matter in a relationship?” Well, the answer depends on the couple’s chemistry and the maturity levels of both people involved. If there is understanding, strong chemistry and, most importantly, commitment,the relationship might just bridge the gap with flying colors.

Tips to handle age difference in a relationship:

  • The first thing to remember when handling age difference is the adage, “Age is only a number.” If you have a relationship with a significantly older or younger partner, avoid bragging about itor discussing it withfamily and friends. They mightquestion and overcomplicate the issue, which could lead to confusion or doubt, jeopardizing the relationship.
  • Never act as if you are the parent of your partner.No matter how young your partner is, remember he or she is still your partner and not your child or subordinate. Younger partners avoid viewing the older partner as a parental or authoritative figure. This behavior could alarm your partner or elevate him or her to an unhealthy executive position in the relationship.
  • Large age gapshave the potential to stir up insecuritiesin both partners involved. Individuals in suchrelationshipsshould be confident, yet understanding. Respect for your partner is particularly important. Make your partner feel that he or she is the only one for you.
  • Youmay have dissimilarities in taste with your older or younger partner. Be open, accepting and slow to judgedifferences. Avoid criticizing and consider your partner’s point of view.Be a good listener and, at times, willing to participate in activities your partner prefers. Similarly, don’t be offended when your partner does not always want to join in your activities.

If there is notpatience, understanding or respect, the relationship won’t work. Every relationship requires a lot of commitment from each partner. If you are comfortable with each other and love each other, age doesn’t really matter.

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