Aries Man and Leo Woman

Aries men typically demand all of their partners’ time in order to satisfy and fulfill their wishes. In return, they showertheir women with love and attention. Aries men may not like the flirtatious character of Leo women,leading to insecurity within the relationship.

It is not very easy to live with a Leo woman as she can be aloof, proud, arrogant, vain and self-centered. She can also be a vital, warm, generous and strong woman if her superiority is respected. In fact, when she is with an Aries man, she tends to be gentle.

In some cases, the relationship is a match made in heaven. The Aries man offers plentiful admiration and praise because the Leo woman is special to him. These two find fulfillment of their high demand for respect in the excess admiration each offers.

Leo women and Aries men gel well physically. They both desire tender affection and are very passionate in lovemaking. Even though they are passionate lovers, problems sometimes arise in the relationship due to their attention seeking tendencies.

Leo women often retain respect for partners from past relationships, which agitates the Aries men.At the same time, Aries men sometimes have a habit of acquiring female attention at social gatherings.

This may create minor problems in the relationship, but usually these tiffs are solved quickly and the Aries-Leo couple continues to live happily. The quick recovery is due to the fact that they are not only lovers, but also good friends.

Physical and verbal expressions of love are important to Leo women. When Aries men don’t provide enough attention, Leos becomes indifferent and cold. Aries men are similarly intolerant of lacking affection.

The Aries-Leo relationship is very strong, held together by trust and unending devotion.

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