How to Handle a Vain Boyfriend

Does your boyfriend hog every reflective surface he sees? Does he stand in front of the mirror for long periods of time and constantly check the lay of his hair? If the answer is yes, you might be dealing with a vain boyfriend. If you are tired of his vain attitude, here are a few tips for you to put him in check:

  • Realize that he is probably doing it for you only. He may be worried you will lose attraction for himif even one hair is out of place. Make him understand that you will always love him no matter how he looks. Don’t ever insult his looks, not even by mistake or with jokes, because he is very sensitive about them.
  • Don’t forget to give him compliments whenever he wears nice clothes or dresses nicely, but more importantly, compliment him when he is trying the least and communicate that you are attracted to him regardless of how much he primps.When he feels more confident about his looks, he might spend less time in front of the mirror.
  • If you find him stopping in front of randomreflective surfaces or car mirrorsto check his hair, try to find some humor out of it without insulting him. For instance, using a flirty, joking tone, say, “Wow, you really like your hairstyle today,” and laugh it off. Let him realize he is egoistic without hurting his feelings.
  • Don’t hesitate to speak out if there is something you really don’t like. After all, he is your boyfriend.
  • Try to find activities thatdon’t require either of you to look exceptionally spiffy. For example, you can spend the night indoors or go for an evening walk in the park. The comfort of theses settings might just get him to let down his guard.
  • Discourage him from spending a long time getting ready for a date. If he is not ready on time, walk outsideand wait for him in the car. This should not be done on a regular basis.

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