How to Make Your Boyfriend Feel Needed

It’s common for women to develop insecurities when they no longer feel needed by their partner.Men are prone to the same insecurities, but often hide them behind melancholy moods or other unexplainable actions. Perhaps you have seen this in your man. Both of you seemed inseparable and loving when you started dating each other, but, as time went by, you realized that the feeling of being needed left your relationship. While you may think of it as a silly or minor problem, ignoring your partner’s desire to feel needed could lead to serious problems or a split. Following the steps below can help you save your relationship before it’s too late.

Text and Call Him Frequently:

Whether you are at work or at home, update your boyfriend about what you are doing.Avoid complaining and instead tell him about the problems you are facing and ask him if he has any advice on how to solve them.If you choose to call him, do so during his free or break time to keep from disturbing him during work or friend time. This will reassure him that you respect him and desire to have him in your life.

Surprise Him:

Give him affectionate surprises like a peck on the cheek or a quick hug from behind. If you are ready to go the extra mile, you can give him a surprise bedroom encounter. He will feel cherished and just love it. Simple, thoughtful actions will make him feel special and love you even more.

Ask for his Opinions:

Men take great pride when their girlfriends ask for help. They believe they are the providers and protectors in the relationship. Seek his council and don’t be afraid to ask him to open the pickle jar. This will make him feel good and special.

Give him compliments:

As much as women love getting compliments, menlove it even more. Compliments boost your guy’s ego. Guys don’t expect compliments from theirfriends, but they expect them from their partners, especially when they achieve something great. So girls, be genuine and generous with your compliments.

Invite him for a dinner or movie date:

Remember, make your guy a part of everything you do. It’s your job to make him feel needed. Frequently plan things you can do and enjoy together. You can invite him over for dinner, go out to a movie or just stroll through the park. Carefully planning and setting aside time with him willshow just how much you enjoy being withhim.

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