Aquarius Man and Leo Woman

The relationships between Aquarius men and Leo women arefunctional and cohesive. The Aquarius loves the generosity, vivacity and warmth of the Leo, while the Leo is impressed by the intellect, confidence and individuality of the Aquarius. Though they differ in personality traits, they manage to attract and impress each other. Both of them love and embrace their social lives.

Leo Lovers

  • Passion and fire burn in their bodies and minds. They are party lovers.
  • Leo’s have a very strong sex-drive and also a powerful presence, which can be irresistibly sexy. Leo’s radiate extreme confidence and love to take charge in bed.
  • Romantic dinner settings, sexy lingerie, and all the other trimmings can be expected with a Leo. They are sexually creative, adventurous and highly skilled people in love making. They are capable of satisfying the most demanding partner.
  • Leo’sprefer adventurous and sexually unpredictable partners.
  • The erotic zones of the Leo include her back, heart and spine. Gentle caresses of the spine with much attention to the lower back will excite her sexually and relax her.

Aquarius Lovers

  • They approach the love game methodically, slowly and deliberately. The Aquarius desires a life full of surprises.
  • They cannot be satisfied or happy if they are not allowed to do what they wish.
  • They never sacrifice their autonomy, but are always honest.
  • Aquarius men are loyal, trusting and very faithful lovers.
  • They are capable of attracting and impressing large crowds by good worksor social interactions.
  • They are innovative charmers and open-minded.

Aquarius Man and Leo Woman

The Leo woman has to make the Aquarius man consider marriage as a union, not bondage. She must avoid controlling his free spirit.

The Aquarius man should give the Leo woman the coziness and warmth she desires and boost her with compliments. Both should strive to understand each other.

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