How to Date a Guy Older than You

Perhaps you want to experience a relationship with an older man, or maybe men your same age seem too immature for you. Whatever it may be you should understand the relationship will be a little different. Here are a few general rules one should know if planning to date an older man:

  • Make sure that you give him his space. Try to find out when he is free and when you can talk to him, so that you don’t disturb him when he is busy.
  • Avoid making frequent calls and texts. Older men typically have more responsibilities, so he may not like if you keep calling and disturbing him. When he says he needs to go somewhere or he has to go, don’t force him to talk. Let him call you back after he finishes his work.
  • Don’t expect that he’ll take you whenever he goes out and don’t act too needy. Whether he is young or old, every man likes to have guy-time. So, if he says he is going out with his friends, don’t invite yourself along. He will make time for you as well on other occasions.
  • Get to know him properly before you say “I love you”. Those three words can only touch his heart if spoken at the right time. Saying it too early in your relationship can freak him out. In fact, I suggest you let him be the first to say it.
  • Avoid plunging into a serious relationship or having sex until you know him very well. Many girls make the mistake of jumping into bed before knowing the guy, thinking they can get the guy to like them more. Having sex too early can actually drive him away and spoil the chance of ever getting into a more serious relationship.

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