How to Make a Guy Date You

You have met the ideal guy you would like to date, and you are waiting for him to ask you out, but he seems happy with just being your friend. You should try to impress him more, get his attention and inspire him to ask you out. Here are a few simple tips for making a guy date you:

Smile Always and be Polite:

Try to maintain a happy disposition and look attractive in his eyes. Always wearing a smile on your face will make him feel you are more approachable. Dressing badly and being a snob will simply make you look unattractive. Your goal is to project a good impression.

Do Not Act too Desperate and Needy:

Often, men and women act too needy or desperate when they lack confidence in themselves. Being this way can ruin your relationship, or drive away your partner. Be confident in yourself and show that you don’t need anyone to make your life happy.

Have Fun:

Every man and woman wants to be with someone who has a great sense of humor. Guys simply love excitement and thrill, so they may never ask a girl out who seems dull and boring. If you can find humor in any situation without hurting others’ feelings, or without insulting yourself then many guys will definitely line up to date you.

Be Unique:

If you want guys to notice you, try to stand out from the crowd and be unique. Make sure you keep your body in good shape and dress feminine and somewhat modest. Good physical appearance is definitely a big turn-on and makes the best first impression on guys.


Flirting is a great way of getting attention from men. If you know how to flirt with a guy, making him ask you out is not difficult. Try flirting with him using playful gestures such as touching his arm while talking to him, twirling your hair, and being interested in what he is saying. If he doesn’t like you, he may not react to anything or he may not flirt back with you.

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