How to Make your Boyfriend Spend More Time with You

Spending quality time with your partner is very important in any romantic relationship. Absence can make the heart grow fonder; however too much time away from each other can ruin a relationship.

If you find your boyfriend spending more time with you rather than hanging out with his friends, consider yourself lucky and blessed. But, if you are looking for ways to make him spend more time with you, then this article is for you. Here are some tips to keep your guy glued to you always:

Don’t Force Him:

Give him his own space and encourage him to hang out with his friends sometimes. At the same time, let him know that you would love to spend time with him. Arguing and screaming at him to spend time with you will never make him understand, and can have quite the opposite effect.

Give Your Full Attention:

Make him feel special when you get the chance to be with him. Be an attentive listener and don’t over talk him in the conversations. Your body language should say you are interested in him by facing him, leaning towards him a bit, and always smiling.

Take Time to Reflect:

Getting annoyed and blaming your boyfriend is not a good solution. Try to find out why he doesn’t spend enough time with you. There could be reasons like stress from work, a pesky boss, bills to pay, domestic jobs he might have pending, etc. It may have nothing to do with you at all.

Keep Yourself Busy:

Chill out with your friends and family and enjoy yourself without him. Once your boyfriend realizes that you are no longer devastated by his absence, he’ll likely go crazy without you. This will make him come around out of curiosity to find out what makes your life so happy without him. Guys simply love girls who are independent and happy with their lives.

Know His Interests:

Don’t forget that you and your partner can spend time together when you have common interests. Know what his interests are and try to do things which both of you can enjoy together. If he loves to spend time at the beach or enjoys seeing museums, for example, plan to do those activities with him, even if you are not that interested. After all, he is your boyfriend and you need to make him happy. He should also make efforts to focus on your interests as well.

Refrain from Clinging or Nagging:

Guys just can’t stand it when their girlfriends are too clingy and nagging all the time. If there are issues you need to settle, talk to him and settle the problems calmly instead of nagging and crying. This will simply worsen the situation. Never be the one who yells and complains about something, there is always a better way to say things.

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