Virgo Man and Libra Woman

The love match between a Libra and Virgo may not work out smoothly. This happens because they both have different temperaments and different natures. A Libra woman loves socializing with people and knowing people’s experiences by talking with them for hours at end.

Libra women never judge people and accept even contrary viewpoints; whereas Virgo men are totally the opposite. He doesn’t like too much socializing and he cannot accept blemished opinion.

How to attract a Virgo man as a Libra woman?

You will have to take care about your outer radiance and inner beauty to draw the attention of such gentleman. Use your charm, grace and good manners to attract him.

How to attract a Libra woman as a Virgo man?

You will have to show your flirtatious side and good social skills. Dressing nicely draws her attention towards you. Comment on something in the room or compliment her which shows you have an interest in her. Ask her intelligent questions about her but not too personal.

Degree of Romance

The combination between a Virgo man and a Libra woman is best for romance. They use the language of love and both can have successful lives. They both appreciate detailed attention towards each other.

Degree of Friendship

They both share a common view of life. Each of them craves harmony and peace. They like to do all things tastefully, beautifully and prefer quality over quantity. They trust each other equally and also look the world with equanimity.

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