Top Four Signs that a Teenage Boy is Falling in Love

The teenage years are the time when young boys experience the transition from childhood to adulthood. It can be exciting and fun as well as an awkward time in a person’s life. Teenagers often start showing more interest in meeting new people, dating and falling for someone at first sight. Here are some signals that to help you figure out whether your teenage son is in love.

Starts Avoiding His Male Friends

If your teenage son stops spending much time with his male friends all of a sudden, and starts to spend a lot of time with one particular girl, then that could be a sign of falling in love. Teenage boys often share interests with their male friends and classmates like music, sports, dancing etc. They often attend dances or date around. However, if he starts ignoring his other activities and friends and starts spending time with a girl often, he is probably dating and in love with her.

Constant Texting and Calling

If a boy starts spending most of his time texting or talking on the phone more than usual, he could be in love. Nowadays, most teenagers have the privilege of having their own cell phones, using them mostly to text or call girls or keep in touch with their friends. If you notice a teenage boy constantly texting and talking on the phone, he might be talking with someone special whom he is falling for. If he is in love, you can expect him to leave the room when he wants to answer a call, talking in a low voice, stopping whatever he is doing to answer the call or smiling when he
is texting.

Loss of Appetite and Not Eating

Normally, teenage boys get butterflies in their stomach when they are falling in love, or they get excited, anxious and nervous, all of which can result in loss of appetite. If you notice that your teenage son who used to eat a lot suddenly stops eating like before, he is likely becoming love-sick. Teenage boys normally eat a lot, since this is the stage where their bodies are changing and growing constantly.

Changes His Appearance

A sudden interest in dressing well or making a change in his appearance could also mean he is falling in love. Teenage boys tend to be a little careless about their appearance. But, if he starts putting extra effort into looking his best, starts wearing cologne, stands in front of the mirror for long periods of time, and adjusts his hair when going out, then he might be falling in love.

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