How to Know if You are Truly in Love

“How will I know that I’m truly in love?” This is a common question for many people, especially teenagers who often mistake infatuation and lust with love. Some say, one can easily tell when he/she is in love, but it may not be so simple. What feels like love for one person may be nothing different from attraction or lust for some other.

What is Love?

Many teenagers easily mistake lust with love. Lust may be a part of love, but love is certainly not just lust. Love is something beyond physical attraction. Love is based on friendship, caring, trust and commitment. Love is a mutual or combined feeling between two separate people trying to live together as one. Therefore, love is not about jealousy, testing, or conflict. Love is all about surrendering your heart and life to someone with the feeling that your life will be incomplete without him/her. Something which is tainted by jealousy, mistrust, spitefulness or insecurity is not real love, but a mere copy of it.

Some Tell-tale Signs that You’re in Love

There is no exact way to find out the truth behind your own feelings, let alone the feelings of another person. But, here are a few tell-tale signs to help you know if you are truly in love or if love is blooming. Consider the following seven points and if you find yourself agreeing with all of them, you are truly in love.
• You know and understand, because your lover told you, that your feelings are always returned in kind.
• The object of your love makes you feel good and special about yourself.
• It is always transient, whenever you feel jealous. You trust your partner and believe that s/he will not hurt your relationship or betray you.
• You feel so complete and nothing makes you feel happier and serene than when you are together with your partner.
• Even if you fight or have an argument with your partner, you usually come back to normal or settle within a few minutes. You always think positively.
• Neither your partner nor you feel the need to check the other’s feelings and loyalties.
• You don’t feel the need to change yourself when you are with your significant other. You are more yourself than you are with others.
• Sex comes by mutual agreement and desire without even the slightest idea of persuasion or commitment testing.

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