How to Attract an Aquarius Man

The Aquarius man may be the perfect guy, if you are searching for a faithful partner who can be your best friend at the same time. But, the weaker side of an Aquarius guy is that he may be a better friend than a lover. In fact, many passionate women find Aquarius men very boring. If you are planning to attract an Aquarius man, first try to learn a few things about his personality traits. This will enable you to more easily attract an Aquarius guy. Here are a few tips that will never go wrong in attracting an Aquarius man.

  • Aquarius men are very independent and very curious creatures. You can attract an Aquarius man through mentally stimulating conversation and stunning looks. However, even if you may be the prettiest woman in this world, if you cannot hold an intellectual conversation, he won’t bother.
  • This man demands respect and understanding. He’ll never change himself for anyone else, so don’t try to change him. If you do, he may fall away from you very quickly.
  • Never tie him down or press him emotionally with obligations and demands, because Aquarius men love to go their own way. Also, never show your jealousy no matter what; he just can’t stand it.
  • Respect his privacy and give him his own space. If you can adapt to his way and know how to fulfill all his needs, an Aquarius man will be the most wonderful and faithful lover in the world.
  • Don’t forget that Aquarius guys are only for those women who love adventure and a challenge. He may not be interested in a woman who is just happy sitting at home, unless she is really stunning and intelligent.
  • Surprise him with new ideas, plan something unique and interesting if you are planning to take him out, he will just love it. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new things if you want an Aquarius guy to fall in love with you.

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