How to Say “I Love You” to a Girl

For some guys, saying the three words “I love you” is not a big thing, it just flows naturally. But, for other guys, saying “I love you” to a girl can really be a heart wrenching moment. Saying these three words is not just about speaking from one’s mouth; it’s all about making the girl feel loved. However, the words will only touch a girl’s heart when the feelings are genuine and used at the right time. You should never take saying these three words lightly.
If you are a person who cannot express your feelings verbally, don’t worry, you still have many different ways to express your feelings without the words “I love you” crossing your lips. Remember, actions can speak much louder and mean much more to a woman than the words. So, here are some good ways to express your love to your girl, if you cannot express it from your mouth.

Give Her a Nice Massage

If your girlfriend or partner is working throughout the day, or sitting in front of the computer the whole day, giving her a nice body massage is a sure way to make her understand that you love her truly. Give a back or neck massage, or rub the girl’s feet and help her relax. This is definitely a great way of showing your love to your partner.

Spend Quality Time With Her

Find out what she is interested in and what she loves doing. If she enjoys shopping, or sightseeing, offer to spend your day together, doing things that she enjoys. Even if you hate shopping, offer at least one day to her without complaining or whining and let her enjoy your company. This is a good way to make her feel close with you and express your deep feelings.

Express Your Feelings Through Poems

Write some romantic poems for her that expresses your deepest feelings towards her. It can be a poem written in a free verse or a rhyming poem or just a few simple lines expressing your feelings, concerns and thoughts, saying “I love you” or even hinting around at the idea. It doesn’t really matter what form the poem takes, just make sure the poem is legible and free from grammatical errors.

Set Up a Place and Time

Find a place where you both feel comfortable and there is less distraction. It is always better to tell her your feelings when both of you are in good terms and enjoying a happy moment. It may not be a good idea to say these three words after any disagreement or during heated discussions. Take time to say these words. Prepare ahead properly and set a place and time that will inspire passion and romance. Make sure to maintain eye contact.

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