How to Attract an Aquarius

The main key to attract an Aquarius is communication. You should be able to encourage their minds, engage them in a witty verbal sparring, but never expect to come to any conclusions. Aquarius individuals like to enjoy exercising their brains so, if you cannot hold an intelligent conversation or allow the unconventional thoughts that they are known for, you may never win the heart of an Aquarius. Aquarius wants nothing more than communication compatibility. Here are a few tips on how to attract an Aquarius.

  • If you are planning to go for a date with an Aquarius, think something different and interesting. Don’t be surprised when they turn down an invitation or change the plans at the last minute, just be flexible and simply enjoy the flow. Aquarians just hate complainers or naggers, so avoid being one and they will enjoy your company.
  • Show your unique side. Those born under Aquarius sign often appreciate eccentricity and uniqueness.
  • Aquarians are a combination of independent and intellectual personalities. Any attempt to restrict them or hold them down will drive them away. So, never try to control or restrict them; instead, give them their own space.
  • Once you win the Aquarius heart, keep the relationship alive by keeping things interesting. They are adventurous and like to try out unusual things, so don’t be afraid to do things differently and take the risk of any adventurous activity.
  • Never try to change them. Aquarians will never change for anybody else in this world. If you are trying to change the personality of an Aquarius, you are simply wasting your time. Instead, love him/her for what he/she is.
  • If you are planning to attract an Aquarius woman, you need to woo or court her. When it comes to attracting an Aquarius woman, they appreciate the old fashioned way of dating by wooing and courting.
  • And, if you are planning to attract an Aquarius man, you should know how to hold an intelligent conversation and be adventurous. An Aquarius man wants a partner who can share an adventurous life with him, and not just someone who sits at home and watches a movie.

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