Signs of Falling Out of Love

Love can be subject to various levels and meanings to different people. For instance, your interpretation of shown affection and love may be different than someone else’s interpretation the same actions. However, there are certainly some symptoms that suggest moving on would probably be a better option than sticking it out. Following are some of the signs that indicate you are not far away from falling out of love.

You want to End the Relationship:

The most obvious sign of falling out of love is that you don’t feel good about your relationship and you don’t want to continue it any longer. You start asking your friends whether you should end your relationship or not. You no longer find happiness when you are with your partner like you were before. You stop putting in any effort to make your relationship work and you just leave it to the other person to make it work or not.

Turn off By Your Spouse:

If everything your partner does makes your skin crawl, you may be falling out of love. This could happen when you spend too much time together. What is worse is when you have hardly met each other and you still don’t have any feelings of happiness. After meeting your partner, if you still don’t find yourself attracted to your partner, then it’s for sure your relationship is not going to last long.

If you are easily turned off by your significant other, you may not even want to talk or have any other kinds of intimacy with your partner. Also, you’ll find yourself scrutinizing everything little thing your partner does, from the way she/he sleeps, dresses, or the way she/he chews food.  You could not be around them without being critical.


The other obvious sign that you are losing interest in your partner is that you either want to or have already gotten closer to a friend or a colleague without your partner’s knowledge. Everyone around you, except your partner would be more attractive to you. In other words, if you are unable to be faithful, this is a clear sign of you falling out of love.

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