How to Look Good in Front of a Guy

Imagine you are sitting in a cafeteria with your friends and a handsome guy, smelling like heaven, just passed by your table. You were just dazzled by his looks and can’t stop thinking about him. Every night, you imagine how it would feel like if he is your boyfriend.

Then what should you’re next step be?

It should be to look good and grab his attention. So, if it ever happened to you, don’t forget to go through this article and get to know how to look good in front of him and get his attention.

Pick the Right Dress:

Guys love to see women dressing nicely. You should give more importance to your physical appearance. Your clothes can speak a lot about you without ever talking to a person. If you feel you don’t dress well, learn how to dress better from your friends who know more about fashion and clothes. You can also get lots of tips from the Internet or magazines. “Pick the right dress” doesn’t mean wearing only designer clothes or expensive clothes, it mostly depends on how you carry yourself. You can still dress well and look stunning in street-wear or inexpensive clothes.  It’s all about self confidence.

Wear Make-up and Accessorize if Necessary:

There is nothing wrong with wearing a little lipstick or eyeliner, as long as it enhances your looks. You should always make an effort to look put together and fresh. Wearing some beads, earrings, and bracelets will not weigh you down, so add interest and spice to your look. This will make you look even more trendy and stylish.

Smile Always:

No man would like to be with someone who is very moody and boring. Be as cheerful as you can and smile often. A sweet, sexy smile can easily take away the breath of guys. Moreover, a smiling face can make you feel more approachable to everyone. Have a positive perspective towards life and display this by being friendly and having a winning smile. A smile can even make you look younger and prettier.

Carry the Right Attitude:

No matter how nicely you dress, or wear the most dazzling accessories and glamorous dresses, if you don’t have the confidence to carry them with poise and style, everything will be a waste. So, always have the right perspective and attitude.  You should feel good in what you wear so you exude confidence. Only when you have self confidence, you can look truly smart and beautiful.

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