How to Have a Date at the Zoo

If you want a fresh and different idea for a date, then probably spending the entire day at the zoo with your special one may be a great idea that can bring something fresh into your love life. There is hardly any person who does not enjoy watching wildlife which includes cuddly and cute animals like monkeys, penguins, and others. Here are a few tips on how to have an unforgettable date at the zoo with your significant other.

  • Take your time. If you choose a zoo for your date, it should not be rushed. It is a date and you don’t want to go through the day without spending quality time with your significant other. So, you may like to consider walking hand in hand slowly around the zoo.
  • While walking through the zoo, discuss life with your partner. Stop at each area where each animal can be seen and enjoy watching each wild animal. Don’t forget to hold your partner’s hand, or you can also wrap your arm around your partner’s shoulder or waist. If the mood or the spot is right, kiss her/him softly.
  • Enjoy watching how the animals play. If you observe properly, you’ll notice that animals often play like children.
  • Look for some comfy spot to sit close to each other and snuggle up. Put your arm around your partner’s waist when you stop by to watch any specific animal.
  • You can also buy gifts for each other as a memory of your day.
  • Purchase an ice cream, a drink or some snacks to eat when you take a break. Don’t forget to take breaks often and use this break time to get to learn more about each other.
  • Don’t just take the pictures of only animals, but take photographs of each other or only the two of you. For more fun you can also imitate the animals’ poses and take photographs together with the animals.
  • Most zoos have a restaurant or a cafe inside where you can grab food or beverage and can relax. Remember, this is your date and not just a visit to a zoo. So, you may like to spend quality time with your significant other by sitting at some corner drinking or eating some snacks. Sharing an ice cream or drinks can spark romance in your relationship.

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