Five Traits of Successful Relationships

Every man and woman wants to have a successful relationship in life. But have you ever wondered why many couples don’t have a successful relationship? Maybe why many couples break up or divorce after living together two or three years? Well, the reasons may differ from person to person. However, there are certain characteristics that help to keep the relationship strong always. Check out the following five traits of successful relationships and how to maintain a strong and long-lasting relationship.


This is one of the most important traits of successful relationships. You need to have a strong friendship with your partner as this will strengthen your relationship. Couples that have a strong bond of friendship not only love each other more, but they genuinely admire each other as a person. They enjoy each other’s company and enjoy hanging out together.


No man and woman want to be with someone who is boring and moody. Couples who know how to make each other laugh tend to have a strong and long-lasting relationship. Yes, there are certainly time periods where you need to be serious and solve the issues, but it’s good when the two partners can find humor in a bad situation, or their bad times. It can lighten their problems and make them feel smaller. Giving each other funny or sweet nicknames to each other is also an indicator of how close and comfortable with each other you are.


Although, everyone understands how important communication is in a relationship, many couples ignore this important factor. Couples who share with each other and have open communication have less chance of fighting and divorce.  It makes it easier to understand someone in an argument when you can be clear and concise.

Chore Sharing:

If you want to built a strong and last relationship, both the partners should share the parenting or household responsibilities equally. If the husband thinks that taking care of children or other domestic works is only the wife’s responsibility and if the wife thinks that her husband’s duty is to earn and provide a living for the family then there will be always problems and arguments in your relationship. Both should contribute equally and help each other.

Sexual Intimacy:

Sexual intimacy and satisfaction is also a necessity for a strong relationship. Thus, couples who have a healthy sexual relationship or are compatible sexually tend to have stronger and more successful relationship. There may be no “wrong” or “right” amount, but make sure that no partner feels neglected or ignored by the other.

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