Top Four Ways to Prevent a Break Up

Every relationship has its ups and downs, but there are certainly some better ways to prevent your relationship from going bad. You’ve been dating him/her for quite some time and quite happy with each other. But as time goes on, you feel that your partner is trying to leave you or you start getting red flags from their behavior. What should you do to prevent a break up?

Every situation may be different from person to person and some breakups are unavoidable, but this not the case for every relationship. There are certain things you can do and save your relationship. Here are five ways to maintain good relationship and try to prevent a break up.


The key to a successful relationship is communication. A relationship that lacks communication between the two partners will never lead to a strong and long lasting relationship. If you find yourself always arguing/fighting with your partner whenever you try to communicate each other, try to analyze things and find out where it has gone wrong. Your choice of words is also very important for effective communication. If you find your partner getting upset or angry whenever you say something in particular, try changing your choice of words. There are always a better way to say what you need to and make your partner listen to you without offending or hurting them.

Resist Making Accusations:

When you communicate to your partner, avoid blaming him/her. Approach your partner and try to solve problems or issues calmly in a pleasant way without being offensive. If you start your communication by accusing or blaming him/her, your partner will definitely become defensive and end up fighting or arguing.

Avoid Insulting Your Partner:

Little arguments between the partners are normal in any relationship and it can even strengthen the relationship. But, heated arguments without understanding each other can simply ruin the relationship. No matter how upset or angry you may be, avoid insulting your partner or throwing dirty words at your partner during heated arguments.

Be Supportive:

Pay attention when your partner shares his/her dreams or says something and look for ways to help your partner and be the first one who makes his/her dreams comes true. Don’t simply wait for your partner to tell you, be attentive and help him/her when your partner needs help. If things don’t work out, let them know you’ll be there for them always.

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