How to Attract a Bad Boy

“Opposites attract” and good girls are often attracted to bad boys. Sometimes it’s the excitement.  Other times girls look for bad boys for a “no-strings attached” relationship since most bad boys aren’t looking for a long-term commitment.

Some girls may be looking for bad boys just for the sheer novelty of the new experience. Whatever the reason, if you are searching for a bad boy, you need to know how to attract them. Don’t think that it’s easy. In fact, there are many girls lining up to date a bad boy. So, here are a few tips so that you will never go wrong in attracting a bad boy.

Appreciate the Unique:

Remember that bad boys are unique and that’s what makes them attractive and stand out from all the good guys out there.. They may not get along well with their family or neighbors, but forget these things and find their good qualities. Who said bad guys don’t have any good qualities?

Show Your Confidence:

For a bad boy, there is nothing more attractive than a confident girl. Don’t let your insecurities show.  Those are a turn-off to him.  Be confident and take the initiative.  Be the one to approach him instead of waiting for him to come to you.  Show him that you are secure in who you are and he won’t be able to resist you.

Say “No” to Following the Crowd:

Bad boys often don’t follow the trends.  They love to do unconventional things. Bad boys usually think that following the crowd is not worth their effort. They are rebellious and they try not to fit into any conventional mold. So, if you are planning to attract a bad boy, sticking with the latest trends and following the crowd is not a good idea.

Stand Up to Him:

A bad boy may try to tease you or pick on you, once you get his attention. This is his way of testing you.  Show him your confidence.  Instead of ignoring his teasing or feeling nervous, stand up for yourself, and maybe even tease him back. Bad boys want a girl who can stand up for herself. Never be afraid to take a risk if you want to attract a bad boy.

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