How to Come Up with Creative Ways to Propose

If you are wondering how you can make your proposal for marriage truly romantic and memorable, this article is for you. If you have seen the movie “Stepmom”, you might have noticed how creative the marriage proposal was in the movie. One of the most important and romantic events in life may be asking your true love to marry you. You always want to make sure that this moment is truly special, romantic, and memorable.

Today, we are far beyond the time where we believe that a man should ask for a woman’s hand in marry. There is no reason why a woman can’t propose to a man. Though a lot of men propose to women, it’s okay if the woman proposes to the man. In fact, men adore confident women who have the guts to break the conventions and propose to their special man. So check out some of the romantic and creative way to propose and make this moment truly special.

Tips for Creative Ways to Propose

Memorable Video Proposal:

You can use technology and create the perfect marriage proposal. Technology has made our everyday lives very comfortable and convenient. So, make a video of your happy moments together. Collect all your beautiful moments together and edit them into a single video. You can also incorporate your partner’s favorite romantic songs to play along with the video. Let your video end with your proposal, by recording your own voice. If you are not sure how to make it, you can get help from a computer savvy friend or family member.

The Romeo-Juliet Proposal:

There may be nothing more romantic and better love stories than “Romeo and Juliet” movie. The movie is definitely a heart breaking love story. So how about proposing to your lover like Romeo did in the movie? Serenade your partner as you stand below your partner’s window. Kneel down with the wedding ring and a bouquet of red roses as your partner looks out from the window. If you can, sing along to your favorite romantic song, or just play it if you cannot sing. This will definitely give it a classic romantic touch.

The Early Morning Proposal:

This will be a great idea if you partner loves jogging or walking early morning. But, you should know your partner’s walking route if you are doing this. You need to carve a romantic message on one of the trees which can be easily seen by her/him from their path. After the walk or jog, take a stroll hand in hand along the tress. Don’t forget to give him/her flowers and put the ring inside the flower or between the petals.

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