How to Understand Girls’ Rules About Dating

Dating is fun, exciting and interesting, but it’s not easy. First dates are nerve-wracking, second dates are doubtful or expectant and it continues like that. We are never around or we are too available.  We call too frequently or not enough. We wear the wrong clothes to fancy restaurants, gab on our mobiles during dinner, laugh hysterically for no reason and commit countless other mistakes, mostly without realizing it.

But, there is no doubt, bad dating behavior and dating mistakes happen to everyone. Read on and get to know and understand girls’ dating rules, what they do and don’t expect from the men they date. These will definitely boost your dating success.

Long Term Success:

Remember that you’ll definitely fail to impress a beautiful woman, if your only objective is to feed your own needs and to satisfy yourself. Don’t think only of your needs.  Think about how to make your date happy. Learn to sacrifice temporary pleasures and short-term gratification. Women usually don’t look for short-term pleasures, they want more than that. Women want a long term successful relationship.

Don’t Try too Hard to Impress Women:

Generally, men tend to show off when they are trying to impress a woman. You spend lavishly. You flatter her and pretend to be someone you’re not, trying hard to impress her. This can make you seem desperate and is a turn-off to many women. Instead, give genuine compliments to her and always be yourself. Women will hate you if they find out that you are not what you really are.

Make Yourself Interesting:

To impress a beautiful woman, good looks or physical appearance alone is not enough. You also need to know how to hold an intelligent, interesting conversation with a woman. You have to know how to make women smile. Women fall for guys who have a good sense of humor. If you can find humor out of your mistakes or a bad situation, you will be more successful in the dating world.

Do What Works:

Make sure you don’t repeat the same mistakes you made on your previous dates. This means, if your previous dates were not successful, try to analyze things and figure out what went wrong. Stop doing things that don’t work.  Once you find a strategy that does work, stick to it.

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