How To Tell Whether She’s on the Rebound

You just started dating a beautiful girl and you are completely into her. But, now you’ve found out that she just got out of a relationship. How can you discover whether she is still in love with her ex-boyfriend and looking for a second chance or happy in your relationship?  You don’t want to compete with her ex.

Therefore, it’s good to understand if she’s on the rebound or not. This way you can save your relationship before it’s too late,.  Or, you can call it quits if it’s not really going to work, before she dumps you.

Three Tell-Tale Signs Telling that She’s on the Rebound:

Here are some tell-tale signs that will help you understand, whether the girl you’re dating is on the rebound or not.

  • Be careful, if she always talks about her ex-boyfriend. If all her conversations are about her ex, and everything seems to remind her of her ex, there may be a problem.   For instance, if you are telling a story and she interrupts with a story about her ex, chances are she is still very much in love with him.
  • If she says, she has just ended a serious relationship and she is not ready to start a new one, you need to take a closer look. Try to find out more about her past relationship like, how long it lasted and when they broke up. If it has only been a week or a two, or maybe even a few months, she may still be on the rebound.
  • If she is still spending time with her ex, it is a bad sign for your relationship.  Even if she says they are just friends, walk away. Constant texts, calls or emails from her ex mean that their relationship is not over no matter what she says. Unless she has a child with her ex, there is no reason why they should meet each other or stay in contact.

Once you see these signs, don’t be a fool. Walk away from the relationship and find a woman who is ready to commit to you alone.

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