How to Win a Cancer Woman’s Heart

People born under the zodiac sign of Cancer are complex, temperamental, unpredictable and the most fragile among the entire zodiac signs. They are highly emotional, thin-skinned and very sensitive. So, making Cancer woman fall for you is not hard.  But, be careful because breaking her heart is easy also.

All a Cancer woman wants is be loved and understood.  To catch the attention of a Cancer woman, you don’t have to send fancy gifts or buy an expensive bouquet of flowers. All you need to do is be sincere and faithful. Read on and learn some tips on how to win a Cancer woman’s heart.

Plan for a Movie or Theater Date:

Cancers usually love and appreciate arts, especially if when they have special, deeper meanings. Taking her out to a place she is passionate about, like a movie or an art museum and you will win her heart easily. If she appreciates music and loves to sing, plan to take her to a musical concert or a symphony.

Indulge Her Various Personalities:

If you are planning to date a Cancer woman, you should understand that they are usually very moody. They laugh easily but, in a second, will be in tears.  Avoid taking her moods too personally, but be sensitive enough to understand and support her.  She will love you for being there for her through both laughter and tears.

Leave Her Alone:

When she is in her moody state, it’s better to leave her alone. Don’t pry into her reasons or ask for any explanation unless she is ready to tell you. Cancerians are known for their cautiousness, so they will never open up until they feel safe or need others to understand their feelings.

Support Her Dreams:

Although, Cancers are very moody, they are imaginative and have big aspirations and dreams in life. So, when they share their dreams and hopes, never insult or belittle them.  Instead support and encourage them. Ask her whether she need any help from you. By supporting her, you will win her heart more quickly than you expect.

Get Sentimental with Her:

A Cancer woman will fall for you when you touch her heart.  Discover what she likes, what her passions are and show her that you are interested.   For instance, if she loves going to the beach, then buy her a seashell, a bottle filled with beach sand, or a nice picture of the beach to show that you understand her.  If you want to win a Cancer woman’s heart, you have to show her how much you care..

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