What Men Do Wrong in Relationships

Your relationship is going great initially. You spend all your time together.  You’re excited when he calls you.  When you’re apart, you can tell that he can’t wait to see you again.  He brings you flowers and surprises and does little things to show you that he cares.

He seems to be completely into you.  But, as times goes on, all those little things that made you happy and kept the relationship new and exciting start to disappear. What happened?  Read on to learn about the most common mistakes guys usually make in their relationships. These will help you become more successful in dealing with guys and might even save your relationship..

Most Men Fail to Communicate:

Men dread hearing those four little words from their girlfriend, “We need to talk”.  While women like to talk about relationship problems and try to work them out, men prefer to hold their feelings inside.  It is much harder for men to express themselves.  And, if there are problems in their relationship, they will usually just shut down instead of talking about it.

Men Usually Take Their Partner for Granted:

When they first start dating, guys will go out of their way to impress their girlfriend, doing anything to win her heart. But, once they’ve got the girl, they can turn to a completely different person. They become so comfortable with their partner that, they forget to keep the romance alive.. They stop appreciating or complimenting their girlfriends and instead start taking them for granted.

Many Guys Let the Romance Die:

Most of the romantic things guys do in the beginning of a relationship somehow stop or vanish as time goes on. No more flowers or date night. They start saying “What’s for dinner?” instead of “I love you”. Instead of complimenting, they start criticizing every little thing.  The romance dies and reality sets in.

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