How To Talk to a Shy Girl

Many guys complain that girls are unpredictable. And, understanding a woman’s mind is a mystery to many guys. Most guys think twice before striking up a conversation with a girl. You can never understand what’s in her mind. And, it’s even more difficult to understand a shy, quiet girl and to strike up a casual conversation with her. But, don’t worry anymore; here are a few tips on how to start a conversation with a shy girl.

Greet Her With Courtesy:

Politeness may be the best way to get attention from a reserved, quiet girl. You can easily strike up a casual conversation with other girls, but the same approach may not work for shy girls. So, when considering how to start a conversation with a quiet girl, make sure to be polite. For instance, you can start by saying “Hi, is it okay, if I talk to you at this time?”.  And, don’t expect her to jump right into the conversation.  Giver her time to get used to you.

Find a Connection:

Be smart about how you approach a girl who is shy. Look for a connection. For instance, if she is listening to music or reading a novel, ask about it. This will make it easier for her to respond to you. And, once she becomes a little more comfortable talking to you, see whether you have anything else in common. If you find common interests, focus on those so she will feel more comfortable with you.

Drop the Theatrics:

You knew from the beginning that she is a quiet and shy.  Understand that she doesn’t like being in the limelight.   So, avoid drama in public.  It would only embarrass her and make her uncomfortable. Respect her feelings and personal space. Take care with your tone of voice and choose your words carefully.  Girls who are quiet and shy are very observant and a simple words can easily hurt them. Avoid coarse or rude words with shy girls.  She will be insulted and unhappy around you if you are vulgar.

Be Honest:

Honesty is what every girl wants.   Never lie or pretend to be someone you aren’t to get her attention.  Exaggerating or inventing little lies will backfire on you later. So, it’s always better to honest and straightforward.

Accept Her As She Is:

Avoid comparing her to other girls. Don’t try to change her into someone else. Instead, appreciate her for who she is and the unique qualities that make her wonderful. If you love her for what she is and respect her, she’ll feel comfortable knowing she can be herself with you. So, if you want to talk to a shy girl or win her heart, your ultimate aim is to make her feel comfortable with you.

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