Should I Kiss on My First Date?

Many youngsters or teenagers have asked themselves many times, whether kissing on the first date is right or not? There are no hard and fast rules regarding this question. It all depends upon each individual and may differ from person to person. But times have changed and kiss is no longer considered a negative in today’s society.

So, you just have to follow your heart. If both of you enjoyed the date and are very much comfortable with each other, you can go ahead and spark a fire for the second date.

Important Things to Consider Before the First Kiss:

When I say, follow your heart that doesn’t mean you can kiss your date no matter what your date feels, or kiss wherever you like. You also need to consider all the pros and cons. Here are some important tips to make your kiss more memorable.

  • Develop intimacy first, or make your date feel comfortable before kissing.
  • Romantic flirting before kissing will help you achieve the mood for both of you.
  • Place and time are particularly important to have that first memorable and unforgettable kiss. The ideal place would be somewhere private, in a romantic setting.

Basic Guidelines of Kissing:

A kiss can have various meanings; it can be in a friendly, romantic, passionate and affectionate. No matter what your purpose may be, you need to follow the basic guidelines for kissing, to make sure that it is an unforgettable and loving experience for the two of you.

A kiss is more than a mere contact of two lips. It involves three important senses: smell, touch and taste. So, when you kiss someone, you want to smell delightful, touch gracefully and taste delicious. A great kiss needs to pause slightly as you get close, just before uniting your lips. Here are some basic guidelines of kissing:

  • You should keep your lips soft, warm, moist and slightly open.
  • A great kiss should be tender, yet firm.
  • Proper timing is also very important for a great kiss, it should be spontaneous and welcomed.
  • A kiss is always better and satisfying when it comes from a genuine feeling of intimacy.
  • Make sure you keep your mouth clean. Having a bad breath is a big turn off for both men and women.

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