How to Read Between the Lines

Yes, many girls have a problem in understanding what guys say to them, because guys often don’t say what they really mean. Guys often think something and say something else to girls. But, do you think only guys do that? Even guys face the same problems. Understanding women is a mystery for many men. This truth remains the same for both genders. To help you understand men or women better, we come up with some facts about what they say and what they really mean.

I’m Pretty Much Single:

  • What he means: I have a girlfriend; however you are sexy and hot.
  • What she means: I haven’t dated for quite some time and there is no right guy on the horizon.

We Should Hang Out Sometimes:

  • What he means: I am afraid that you might say no, if I call you for a date.
  • What she means: it’s really a high time you should ask me out.

I’ll Call You Later:

  • What he means: I may not or may call you sometimes, probably in a month or two.
  • What she means: you can expect a call from me right after I reach home.

I am Not Interested in a Relationship Right Now:

  • What he means: I just need you in my bed and nothing more than that.
  • What she means: I’m lying; I am looking for a relationship.

Shall We Split Our Check?

  • What he means: I am not that into you.
  • What she means: I don’t want you to feel that I am just a gold-digger or do not want to owe you anything.

Let’s Take Things Slow:

  • What he means: I have not yet decided whether to take this relationship seriously or not.
  • What she means: I am not interested right now.

She/he Seems that you are Good Friends:

  • What he means: is there anything between you two?
  • What she means: I need to make sure that she won’t use her charm on you.

There is no Problem:

  • What he means: football match final is on my mind.
  • What she means: yes, there’s a big problem and if you haven’t noticed, you are in great trouble.

Your Friend is Great:

  • What he means: I would take your friend out, if I wasn’t dating you.
  • What she means: I may ditch you soon for your friend, so better act properly.

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