How to Talk to Girls without Fear

Many guys find it very uncomfortable and difficult to talk to girls, especially beautiful girls. Believe it or not, guys always want to be the first person to talk to beautiful girls, but in reality some men get butterflies when they talk to one. If you are one of these guys, this article is for you. Here are some simple steps to help you converse with girls without fear by overcoming the fear.

Prep Yourself:

Take some time before you approach a girl and prepare yourself. This includes having a pleasant manner, good hygiene and clean, attractive clothing. Ensure that you brush your teeth or clean your mouth before you step out of your house to meet a girl. If possible, you can also carry some mouth freshener or breath spray.

When it comes to your sense of style, choose a fabric and color that can enhance your personality and looks.  Choosing simple yet flattering clothes goes a long way with your body shape. And the most important thing is to be confident. No matter how smartly you dress, if you don’t have the confidence to carry yourself, your expensive clothes don’t have any value.

Observe Others:

Preparing yourself may not be enough to talk to girls without fear. You also need to observe other guys who can talk to girls casually. Try to observe how your friends communicate with the girls and mingle with them. If you find any good things or new things you need, keep them in mind and practice them looking in the mirror.

Handling Rejection:

Most guys are scared of talking to beautiful girls because of the fear of rejection. But, you should understand and keep in mind that everyone will face rejection at some point in time, whether he is good looking or not. So, you need to always think positive and move forward. Just because you have been rejected by one girl, that doesn’t mean you should stop talking to others.

Always Be Sincere:

Don’t think that girls are stupid and you can easily fool them, girls can understand when guys don’t really mean what they say. So, when you talk to girls, ensure that you talk to her sincerely and show your interest genuinely. People are more likely to converse or open up, when they see the sincerity with which you approach them.

Finally, always keep in mind that there are always some girls who are harder to converse with than others. But, that doesn’t mean you should not approach girls, or you are ugly or uninteresting to girls.


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