How to Escape a Terrible Date

It is courteous to go through to the end of your date, even if your date is not working out as you planned or wanted. However, there may be times when you feel the need to escape to avoid confrontation. If your date has turned sour right after you meet or right after sitting down for a movie it may be due to be bad breath, bad body smell, bad humor or boring conversation. In case that happens here are some strategies to help you escape a bad date.

Don’t Suffer Quietly Through the Date:

If you feel you just can’t continue your date, it’s better to find some reasonable reason and leave. Instead of going through the date feeling bitter, better to leave without wasting either of your time. Who knows your date may also feels the same way. However, don’t be harsh and humiliate him/her, just say so politely and leave the date.

Make an Exit Plan:

Remind one of your friends to keep a cell phone close by before you leave for your date. That way if your date becomes sour and you need to escape, excuse yourself to go to the washroom and make a call to your friend. Tell him/her to call you after a few minutes, answer the call and pretend it is an emergency regarding your parents or your boss and that you need to go. This is just an example; you may think of other reasons that suit you better.

Feign a Headache:

Tell your date you got a severe headache and that this happens to you often. You need to go home and rest.

Act Fussy:

You can act fussy and drive your date away, but this should be your last option if you don’t want to make a bad impression on your date. If you don’t mind acting funny and weird in front of your date, you can try this strategy. Do anything that will turn your date off and irritate him/her. These will force him/her to leave.

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