How to Be Friends after a Breakup

It is possible to remain friends after you break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend, but this may be very difficult. The difficulty in remaining friends after the breakup may differ from person to person, and can depend on the chemistry between the two of you. However, the main reason people want to remain friends after their breakup is to make the breakup less painful. If you are considering staying friends with your ex, here are a few tips for you.

Give it Time:

When it comes to breakup, the old adage “time heals” remains true for everyone. You need to allow some time for yourself as well as the other person in order to overcome the breakup blues. To expect the breakup wound or pain to heal overnight is unrealistic. Try not to become friends with your ex right immediately after you breakup, give it at least a month or more before you see one another again.

Give Option to Open Up the Friendship:

If you want to remain friends with your ex, make him/her understand that during your breakup you need to set up some boundaries as to when are you going to see one another and how often. However, it may only be possible when you break up with your ex on good terms.

Have a Group Date:

When you are meeting your ex for the first time as a friend, it is always better to organise a group date or go out with your friends. Make sure that you don’t talk about your past and ask your friends not to talk about your past relationship. Instead, talk about light topics like your friends, job, the latest movie, or other things.

Be Firm about Your Decision:

If your ex still hopes to reconcile the relationship, make it very clear that you are not ready to give it a second chance and be very firm about your decision. Explain to him/her that you can wait if she/he is not yet ready to be friends with you. Make it clear to him/her that you’ll always be there for him/her as a friend.

Don’t Pressure The Person:

If your ex is not ready to be friends after the breakup, don’t ever force the person to be your friend. For you it may take only a few days to get over the breakup blues, but for the other it may take many years or even forever. So, if your ex is not ready to remain friends after a breakup, leave him/her alone and respect the person’s pace of moving on.

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