How to Ditch a Date

You are all dressed up to meet your date. You reach the venue only to find your date shabbily dressed. This is your first turn off. Ignoring it, you decide to take your date a little further. You begin talking only to realize that he/she is a boring person.

You realize that you are doing all the talking while he/she is sitting mum. Being upset with the entire scene, you decide to leave. However, the question is, how do you leave? If you are looking for ways to ditch your date, here are a few ideas.

Arrange for an Interruption:

Inform your friends that you are going on a date and you might call them back to escape, if your date does not work out. Once you decide to escape from your date, make an excuse to go to the washroom and inform your friend to give you a call after some time. Ask your friend to pretend to be your boss or your parents, asking you to come home immediately for some urgent work. This way you can escape from your date without hurting and humiliating them. No matter what, do not forget to say thank you to your date and apologise for having to leave so suddenly.

Plan an Unavoidable Emergency or Circumstance:

Think of an emergency or circumstance as an excuse to leave the date. For instance, you can say that you forgot an appointment with your doctor and that you need to rush home. By doing this you can leave quickly without having to spend more time with your date than necessary.

Fake an Illness:

Pretend that you are sick, it could be a headache, tummy ache, or allergy; something that would need you to leave immediately. Tell your date politely that you hate cutting short the date but you are feeling ill and that you need to go back home.

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