Top Four Questions You Should Avoid on a First Date

The reason for going on a date may differ from person to person and from women to men. The most common reasons are companionship, recreation, intimacy, and socializing. Dating is all about two people meeting and having fun, but sometimes a date can end up terribly or in misery. This depends on the nature of conversation or quality of interaction between the two people.

What Should You Do on Your First Date?

Mere physical attraction between the two people cannot complete your date. Awkward moments, keeping silent or a lull in conversation, dominating monologues, or bad humour are some of the common mishaps in a date. It requires a lot of plain common sense and sensitivity in holding an interesting conversation with your date. You need to steer away from monotony as well as controversy, stuffiness and vulgarity. To enjoy your date, you need to appear empathetic, intelligent, interesting, and amusing. Here are some questions you should avoid on your first date to avoid those awkward moments.

Questions on ex-partners:

Never narrate stories about your previous relationships or ex-partners, and do not ask your date about his/her past relationships. Whether your partner dumped you, or you ditched your ex, avoid talking about your ex at least on your first date. This will give your date the impression that you are still not over your past relationship. Remember, this is your date and you should have fun, instead of crying over bitter past stories.

Questions on personal problems:

Don’t ever discus financial, divorce, mental, or other legal problems. Why would you want to discuss your personal problems, especially on your first date? Talk about something light and interesting, and not serious topics, as this will make your date more interesting.

Avoid politics and Religion:

You should never talk about politics and religion on your first date. If your idea of going on a date is to discuss such topics and have fun, you are a different species and cannot be part of a group in the dating world. You may like to know if your date believes in God, but if it turns into a heated metaphysical argument such as the question of women priests, abortion, the evolution theory etc, these discussions can lead to a bitter date experience.

About Money:

Avoid asking or discussing how much money he/she makes. Asking questions about their wealth or money will give the impression that you are a gold digger. Even if you are a gold digger, you most certainly do not want to show it on your first date.

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