How to Flirt by Text Messaging

Mobile messaging or text messaging has become an integral part of our day-to-day lives, as it has become the latest trend in communication. It saves you time and is more comfortable for expressing your feelings without being nervous. Text messaging can also be a discreet form of communication.

Today, youngsters are making the most use of their cell phones to flirt with each other and sometimes to build a romantic relationship. This mode of communication helps to avoid awkward moments and the nervousness of the initial conversations. If you are planning to flirt with someone you like through text messaging, here are a few tips for you.

Keep Things Short:

If you are planning to flirt through text messaging, always ensure that you do not use more than two sentences. Sending long messages is not a good idea. The person you are chatting with may not have the patience to go through your long message. Moreover, this will make the person bored. Short and flirty messages become more exciting and can keep the conversation going for longer.

Have a Good Sense of Humor:

No woman can resist a guy who has a good sense of humor and makes her smile every time. Try not to be too serious all the time, tell her something playful and funny. This will make the conversation more interesting and exciting and draw the person’s attention. Also, avoid using ambiguous messages it will simply end up annoying the person.

Do not Send Too Many Texts:

Once you send a text to the person, and if they do not reply to you, leave it. By sending to many texts and continually messaging will just irritate the person. The person may not be in a good mood or busy, rather wait for a while or try again tomorrow. Sending too many messages may give the impression of you being too needy and creepy.

Avoid Being Too Sexual:

It can become creepy when your messages are overtly sexual, especially when you do not know each other properly. This will simply make the person feel harassed and drive them away.

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