Signs That Show a Guy is Serious About You

You have found the man of your dreams, but does he feel the same about you?  Unfortunately, guys aren’t as open about their feelings as women.  So, how can you tell if your dream guy is serious about you?  Does he see a long-term relationship in your future or is this all just casual for him?  Read on to learn how to figure out whether the man of your dreams is serious about your future or just leading you on..

He Doesn’t Fool Around With You:

If a guy is serious about you, he’ll always keep his word. If he says he’ll call you by evening, he does. He won’t lie to you and he won’t send mixed signals. A guy who is serious about you will not act warm and affectionate one instant and cold the other. If he makes an extra effort to be open and honest with you, that is a good sign for you.

He is Curious to Know More About You:

If your man shows interest in learning more about you, your family, what makes you happy, your hopes and dreams, then he is likely looking for a long-term relationship. If he shows genuine concern about your future, your career, and your future plans, he is seriously interested in you.

He Calls You Several Times Daily

In the beginning of your relationship, when everything is new and exciting, your boyfriend may call you just to hear your voice.  If your boyfriend still calls you several times everyday just to talk to you, even after you’ve been seeing each for quite some time, then you can bet that he’s really into you.

He is Always Punctual:

If a guy is serious about you, he makes sure not to keep you waiting when you go out. If he has to be late, he calls to let you know so that you won’t worry.  Remember, if your guy cares about you enough to be respectful of your time, it’s a good sign that he is serious about your future together.

He Listens to You:

Many girls complain that their boyfriends just don’t listen to them. But, if your boyfriend is really into you, he’ll definitely listen to you. And, you will find yourself sharing things with him that you have never shared with anyone else. On the other hand, if your boyfriend is constantly checking messages or chatting on his cell phone when you are talking to him, it’s a clear sign that he’s not really into you. If a guy is serious about you, what you say and feel are important to him and he will show it.

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