How to Hide an Office Romance

Nowadays, many big companies don’t allow co-workers to date.. Having an affair or romance with a co-worker can cause trouble at work and may even cost you your job.. Still, you can’t always choose who you fall for.  So, what can you do when you won’t give up your office romance but don’t want to lose your job?   Read on to learn how to hide your passionate office romance.

Don’t Change Your Routine:

Maintaining your schedule and duties throughout the day is the best way to hide your office romance and protect your relationship. Carry out your daily work as usual.  Don’t let your romance interfere during your work time. Continue your work at your usual high standards.  If your work suffers, people might start talking.

People always notice even the slightest changes in your timing and routine in the work-place, especially if your colleagues love to gossip.  So, refrain from doing anything out of your normal routine. This means, no lunches together or coffee breaks with your partner, and no chatting with your partner during office hours.

Don’t Document It:

Yes, you want to spend time together and learn everything about your partner but don’t do it on office time.  Avoid being seen talking together too much.  It will start gossip.  Most of all don’t email each other through your office mail system. Internal servers can track down all the e-mails sent between you and your partner and your boss will find out.

Avoid Attending Office Parties Together:

You should be very cautious during office social gatherings and parties to hide your work-place romance. This is the most dangerous time when people can catch you in your secret relationship. Remember, you still have other times to meet, talk, and romance your partner, So, at office parties, mingle with your colleagues like normal and only talk to your partner casually.

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