How to Smile to Attract Girls

Your smile is one of the first things a person notices about you.  It tells people when you’re happy, makes you more approachable, and get others to smile back.  When you want to attract a girl, don’t forget to use your smile to show her that you’re interested.

Winning the heart of the girl takes a lot of effort. Good looks alone are not enough. A good personality is what most girls look for when they choose a guy. A warm smile will go a long way toward winning her heart. Here are a few suggestions you should take into consideration to attract the girl of your dreams.

Maintain proper dental hygiene:

This is the first and the foremost thing to keep in mind. Keeping your teeth clean by brushing after every meal gives you that perfect, pearly smile. Girls are very particular about guys oral hygiene. A great smile and good breath are a must.  Maintaining a proper dental hygiene could actually make you win her heart.

A nervous or fake smile should strictly be avoided:

A genuine smile reflects your confidence. When you flash a smile to a girl, avoid thinking about bad things. This will cause you to fake your smile, which is a big turn-off for girls. Be confident when you smile but also be real.  A fake smile will make her think you are a player and she will avoid you completely

Relax, free yourself from all tensions and smile:

When you smile, it should be natural. Do not force yourself to smile. Relax and be yourself. Don’t wonder about your looks or if your clothes are good enough. Just be spontaneous. This will result in a friendly smile, which will impress the girl.

Don’t forget eye contact:

Maintaining eye contact while smiling shows you are sincere.. When you’re talking to a girl, put on a warm smile and maintain eye contact with her. This shows her you are interested in her and care about what she says. Do not forget, eye contact is one big turn-on for a girl.

So, all you single guys out there, if you take the above advice seriously, you are sure to win your girls heart.

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